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At DECAP, we leverage 3D-printing and injection moulding technologies to create new, innovative safety and protective devices for healthcare, veterinary and research environments.

Our expert team of engineers, designers & research scientists have more than 50 years of combined experience in medical device design, user testing and regulatory requirements.


We created DECAP because we both injured ourselves with needles in the workplace. When we looked for alternatives, we realized there weren't any, and we decided to act!

At DECAP, we believe that everyone deserves to work in a safe environment, without risking their health while taking care of others.

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Every year, 500,000+ healthcare, veterinary research workers injure themselves with needles. That's one every minute.

DECAP devices will bring that number down to zero.

DECAP is Patent-Pending and has been tested in more than 100 laboratory, research and clinical environments over the past 3 years, winning multiple accolades in start-up accelerators and pitch competitions around the world!

Now, with your help we can put DECAP devices in in every hospital, pharmacy and research lab around the world!

For any inquiries, questions, research collaborations, or interest in working with our team, please email info@decapRandD.com