Need additional DECAP Uncapper-Recapper Units? Buy them individually here! Includes only the Uncapper-Recapper Unit


DECAP devices were designed in consultation with hundreds of healthcare, veterinary and research workers over the past three years, so you know you're in good hands!

DECAP Uncapper-Recapper Unit

SKU: 364215376135199
    • One set including: one DECAP uncapper-recapper unit
    • Should be replaced every 4-8 months, depending on frequency of use, or immediately if adhesive base becomes loose, or if unit fills up
    • Reusable, reduces sharps waste and associated disposal costs
    • Health Canada MDEL certification for manufacture of product
    • Easily sterilizable with alcohol/antimicrobial sprays
    • Strong adhesive attaches to any smooth surface for stability
    • Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm (footprint), 6cm (height). 4.3 inches x 4.3 inches (footprint), 2.5 inches (height).