DECAP for Healthcare

Eliminate needlestick injury risk at work

Every year 400,000 healthcare workers experience needlestick injuries, leading to HIV/HepC infection, work-loss and chronic stress.

That's nearly one every minute.

Injury treatment and workplace compensation cost employers more than $600 million USD last year in North America alone.

Together, we can make needlestick injuries in healthcare 

See who consulted on DECAP's cutting-edge design:


Toronto SickKids ER


Marpole Medical Vancouver

DECAP has received a Health Canada MDEL (Medical Device Establishment Licence) and is patent-pending!


DECAP is a single-handed needle uncapper, recapper, and remover that can be used during any procedure involving a needle.

DECAP allows users to safely uncap, recap, and dispose of needles and caps without bringing fingers near the needlepoint.

DECAP minimizes risks of needle stick injury to personnel preparing needles and performing procedures. 

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DECAP! - Safe Needle Uncapping, Recapping, and Disposal

  • Eliminates the maojority of needle-stick injuries and accidents and permits safe, one-handed recapping

  • Improves workflow efficiency and reduces stress while using needles


  • Requires little to no training

  • Compatible with many needle types, including safety needles and oversized needles


  • Easily cleaned by autoclave or alcohol spray


  • Attachable to a wide variety of work surfaces