DECAP for Pet Owners


Your pet deserves the best care possible and you do too!

Giving your pet daily injections isn't anyone's idea of a good time. 

Your pet will squirm, scratch and bite while you race to stick them with the needle.

Using DECAP devices means no more wrangling with those pesky needles!

DECAP helps you safely uncap, recap and dispose of needles safely - and it can be sealed and thrown in the garbage once you are done!



Choose DECAP today - it's easy-to-learn, designed for first-time needle users and is compatible with 100% of needle brands on the market!



DECAP is a single-handed needle uncapper, recapper, and remover that can be used during any procedure involving a needle.

DECAP allows users to safely uncap, recap, and dispose of needles and caps without bringing fingers near the needlepoint.

DECAP minimizes risks of needle stick injury to personnel preparing needles and performing procedures. 

Try DECAP today!


DECAP! - Safe Needle Uncapping, Recapping, and Disposal

  • Eliminates the majority of needle-stick injuries and accidents and permits safe, one-handed recapping

  • Improves workflow efficiency and reduces stress while using needles


  • Requires little to no training

  • Compatible with many needle types, including safety needles and oversized needles


  • Easily sterilizable, by autoclave or alcohol spray


  • Attachable to a wide variety of work surfaces