DECAP for Researchers


Needlesticks are one of the most common workplace injuries in research

More than 95% of researchers have experienced at least 1 needlestick injury in the last year.

At a large, well-known institution in BC, more than 10% of all incident reports were about needlestick injuries!

And the vast majority of researchers admit to needing to recap needles while working with animals or dangerous chemicals.

DECAP has the solution! Our research shows that placing arms-distance units throughout the lab increases user frequency while improving workflow efficiency when performing multiple injections!

Together, we can make needlestick injuries in research disappear!


See who's using DECAP today in the lab:

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UBC Biomedical Research Centre


UBC Life Sciences Labs


DECAP has received a Health Canada MDEL (Medical Device Establishment Licence) and is patent-pending!

DECAP is a single-handed needle uncapper, recapper, and remover that can be used during any procedure involving a needle.

DECAP allows users to safely uncap, recap, and dispose of needles and caps without bringing fingers near the needlepoint.

DECAP minimizes risks of needle stick injury to personnel preparing needles and performing procedures. 

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DECAP! - Safe Needle Uncapping, Recapping, and Disposal

  • Eliminates the majority of needle-stick injuries and accidents and permits safe, one-handed recapping

  • Improves workflow efficiency and reduces stress while using needles


  • Requires little to no training

  • Compatible with many needle types, including safety needles and oversized needles


  • Easily sterilizable, by autoclave or alcohol spray


  • Attachable to a wide variety of work surfaces